Polish Language Lessons

Polish Language Lessons

We invite all children to fun classes with the Polish language in the lead role.

During classes conducted in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, we take part in creative games and activities, while improving our ability to use the Polish language.

We offer:

  • games with Polish spelling and punctuation
  • speaking and writing exercises
  • improving reading skills
  • getting to know the Polish canon of children's literature
  • playing with Polish proverbs and phraseologies
  • theatre games stimulating the imagination
  • language riddles and puzzles

The Polish language Curriculum is based on a combination of learning and fun. The main goal of this course is to help children to use the Polish language correctly and consciously, both in speech and writing, and to raise the level of knowledge of the principles of Polish spelling and punctuation. These classes are also aimed at promoting the Polish language among children of Polish origin and shaping a sense of pride in being speakers of this language.

Classes are conducted in multiple age groups:

  • younger children
  • older children

We also offer Polish for foreigners courses aimed at adults.



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