Preparation for the Polish GCSE EXAM

We invite you to the Polish language GCSE exam preparation course, which is conducted in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere by a qualified and experienced Polish teacher. During the course, students will be prepared for all four parts of the Polish GCSE exam.

These are:

We will also improve the ability to efficiently use the Polish language in speech and writing, as well as the ability to listen and read comprehension. The results of the GCSE exam in Polish may help in future education. Therefore, it is worth getting involved in learning Polish today, so that it will result in success and the fulfilment of dreams in the future.

Preparation for the A-LEVEL EXAM in Polish

We also prepare for A-level exams in Polish, which students take at the age of 16-18. The A-level examination (General Certificate of Education Advanced Level) consists of two parts:

- The AS (Advanced Subsidiory) examination
- The A2 (Advanced Level) examination, which students usually take separately.

Preparation for the exam usually takes two years, and the exam is carried out only once a year. The A-level diploma allows you to study at universities in Great Britain as well as in other countries. During the course, all the material required for the exam will be discussed, as well as examination issues and topics. We will practice writing and answering questions techniques and pay attention to common mistakes. The date of the meetings is set individually with the teacher.

Duration: 60 min

Individual Lessons - £ (please contact us for a price)
Group Lessons (max 2–4 people) - £ (please contact us for a price)

With us, you will pass on A *!



Please contact us for more details
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